Teboil is constantly developing its product range. A new Teboil HD-M5 N1 Grease has now been launched, specially designed for earthmoving and mining machines working in exceptionally heavy conditions.

The starting point for grease design has been the needs of the heavy mining industry operating in northern Finland, which emphasizes the importance of high reliability in the most demanding conditions. The most typical applications of Teboil HD-M5 N1 Grease are kingpins, ball joints, stud bearings and slow-rotating and heavily loaded bearings.

“Heavy earthmoving and mining machines are used in very heavy conditions with a lot of impact loads. In addition, the operating environment conditions are demanding: The outside air temperature can be very cold, but the lubricated components have very high temperatures. Machines are also often exposed to water and snow as well as dust. Teboil HD-M5 N1 Grease is designed to maximize the reliable operation of machines in exceptionally demanding conditions”, says Product Group Manager Ari Holmila.

Teboil HD-M5 N1 Grease is a NLGI 1 hardness class grease made from a thick base oil, polymers and lithium complexing agent. The grease has a strong 5% molybdenum disulphide additive, which makes it excellent for impact-like loads, preventing harmful metal-to-metal contact. The grease also has exceptionally good water resistance properties and it effectively protects the components against corrosion.

“With an even expanded range, we are able to serve our customers working with earthmoving and mining machinery more comprehensively. Earlier in the fall, we launched a fully synthetic transmission oil Teboil Fluid TO-4 Synthetic SAE 50 designed for heavy machinery. In addition, the range already includes a wide range of lubricants, the properties of which have been tested in demanding Finnish conditions”, says Holmila.

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Teboil is constantly working on bringing new products to market. Now the range has been expanded with fully synthetic Teboil Diamond Eco-B 5W-20 engine oil.

The novelty oil has been specially developed for Ford EcoBoost engines, but it is also suitable for many other car makes and models designed to use modern low-viscosity engine oil. Such engines, for example, are found in several Japanese and Korean car models – including hybrid versions. Like other Teboil Diamond oils, the new product is manufactured in Finland at the Hamina lubricant plant.

“Teboil Diamond engine oils meet the ever-changing and tightening oil requirements, and with the addition of this product we are able to serve our customers even more comprehensively”, says Juha-Pekka Riihimäki, Product Group Manager.

In the design of the flow properties and additives of the new product, the ability of the oil to reduce the internal friction of the engine has been taken into account in particular. Minimizing friction leads to lower fuel consumption and thus also lower CO2 emissions.

“Reducing CO2 emissions has strongly guided the development of engine technology in recent years. The use of low-viscosity engine oil, which reduces fuel consumption, is one of the other technical improvements that can be used to reduce emissions, ”says Riihimäki.

Teboil Diamond Eco-B 5W-20 is ideal for engines with start-stop automation and the additives used in the oil manufacture are designed to maximize the efficient operation and long service life of the exhaust after-treatment devices.

Although the oil has been designed with a special focus on reducing fuel consumption and environmental impact, it provides reliable and effective wear protection and cleanliness throughout the planned change interval. From the point of view of Finnish operating conditions, the novelty oil also has the advantage in excellent operation in cold conditions, so that the engine receives perfect lubrication protection even during cold starts on frosty mornings.

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Teboil has launched a new fully synthetic transmission oil Teboil Syncrogear 75W-80. This is a transmission oil for light machinery, which is designed to suit the Finnish car fleet in many ways.

Today, it is very typical that manual transmissions for passenger cars and vans may not have an oil change interval specified in the car maintenance program. However, it is advisable to change the transmission oil a few times during the life of the car.

Wide Applicability
The new fully synthetic Teboil Syncrogear 75W-80 is designed as a transmission oil for passenger cars and vans for those vehicles with manual transmissions that require the use of SAE 75W-80 viscosity grade oil. The use of oils of this viscosity grade has become widespread.

“Thanks to its lower viscosity than traditional 75W-90 and 80W-90 oils, the oil reduces power transmission losses and thus improves the car’s fuel economy”, says Juha-Pekka Riihimäki Product Group Manager.

The product is designed to cover the widest possible car fleet. The oil is suitable for use in several new Peugeot, Citroen and Renault models, as well as in many Japanese and German car models, where the manufacturer recommends the fuel-saving SAE 75W-80 viscosity grade oil.

Due to its wide applicability, the oil is well suited as a general purpose oil for multi-brand repair shops that service several different makes and models of cars and want one transmission oil to be suitable for as many cars as possible.

Effective Protection in Varying Conditions
Thanks to its wide operating temperature range, the oil is excellently suited to varying Finnish weather and operating conditions throughout the year. The synthetic base oils used in the production of the oil, as well as the effective additives, give the gearbox reliable protection against wear. The pressure resistance properties of the oil exceed the requirements of API GL-4 class.

Teboil Syncrogear 75W-80 is available in 1 liter bottles and 20 liter containers from Teboil service stations as well as several other Teboil lubricants retailers.

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