Teboil is constantly developing its product range. A new Teboil HD-M5 N1 Grease has now been launched, specially designed for earthmoving and mining machines working in exceptionally heavy conditions.

The starting point for grease design has been the needs of the heavy mining industry operating in northern Finland, which emphasizes the importance of high reliability in the most demanding conditions. The most typical applications of Teboil HD-M5 N1 Grease are kingpins, ball joints, stud bearings and slow-rotating and heavily loaded bearings.

“Heavy earthmoving and mining machines are used in very heavy conditions with a lot of impact loads. In addition, the operating environment conditions are demanding: The outside air temperature can be very cold, but the lubricated components have very high temperatures. Machines are also often exposed to water and snow as well as dust. Teboil HD-M5 N1 Grease is designed to maximize the reliable operation of machines in exceptionally demanding conditions”, says Product Group Manager Ari Holmila.

Teboil HD-M5 N1 Grease is a NLGI 1 hardness class grease made from a thick base oil, polymers and lithium complexing agent. The grease has a strong 5% molybdenum disulphide additive, which makes it excellent for impact-like loads, preventing harmful metal-to-metal contact. The grease also has exceptionally good water resistance properties and it effectively protects the components against corrosion.

“With an even expanded range, we are able to serve our customers working with earthmoving and mining machinery more comprehensively. Earlier in the fall, we launched a fully synthetic transmission oil Teboil Fluid TO-4 Synthetic SAE 50 designed for heavy machinery. In addition, the range already includes a wide range of lubricants, the properties of which have been tested in demanding Finnish conditions”, says Holmila.

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The new Teboil Fluid TO-4 Synthetic SAE 50 is a synthetic transmission and traction oil for heavy machinery. The oil is designed for use in machines that work in extremely heavy and demanding conditions, both in the arctic cold and in the scorching hot environment.

Compared to conventional SAE 50 transmission oils, the operating temperature range of the novelty oil is considerably wider. Due to its flow properties, this oil is also suitable for use in several applications where the machine manufacturer recommends the use of SAE 30 grade oil, which reduces the need for different oil grades and seasonal oil changes. In some cases, the novelty oil can also be used to replace SAE 10W viscosity grade oil.

“The pour point of the oil is exceptionally low at -45 °C, which is why it provides effective lubrication protection right from the starting of the machine, even in arctic cold conditions. Good flow properties also help reduce transmission losses and improve fuel economy”, says Juha-Pekka Riihimäki, Product Group Manager.

“At the same time, the excellent heat properties and the ability of the oil to resist thinning preserve the protective properties of the oil components even in the most severe working situations”, says Riihimäki.

The friction properties of the oil are compatible with many of the friction materials used in wet brakes, allowing the brakes to operate efficiently, accurately and sensitively without disturbing noise.

The synthetic base oil and high-quality additives ensure that the oil’s performance is maintained during the planned change interval, even in very severe conditions. The effective additives used in the manufacture of the oil reliably protect the components against wear. The oil has excellent viscosity stability and oxidation resistance, which allows the oil to retain its properties even at long change intervals.

According to its brand name, the oil is specially designed for heavy-duty machines that require TO-4 performance class oil. The Teboil Fluid TO-4 Synthetic SAE 50 also exceeds Allison C4 and Komatsu MicroClutch requirements.

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