Teboil’s Hydraulic Oil S product line has become a concept and a benchmark against which other hydraulic oils are compared. Often the comparison is made on the wrong grounds and the customer is assured that the low-cost competing hydraulic oil is as effective as the genuine Teboil Hydraulic Oil S-Series.


Two Simple Criteria

It is important to note that the ISO VG viscosity indicates only the fluidity of the oil at +40 ° C. The change in fluidity with decreasing or rising temperature varies greatly with different oils. The behavior of hydraulic oils under temperature change can be easily assessed on the basis of two technical values:

1. Pour point

2. Viscosity index

The pour point, as the name implies, indicates the temperature at which the oil can no longer be poured. So it is not the lowest operating temperature. However, the pour point is one of the technical values that is readily available.

The viscosity index is a calculated value of the order of 100-300 depending on the base oil additives used. Products with a lower viscosity index are designed for conditions where the ambient and system temperatures are constant, such as indoors in industrial plants.

For machines that operate in Finnish weather conditions, it is advisable to choose a product with a viscosity index of at least 140. In the marketing of many other brands, oils with a viscosity index of the order of 140–150 are called “high” or even “very high” viscosity index oils. Compared to these products, the Teboil Hydraulic Oil S series offers significantly better performance in Finnish operating conditions, where winters are cold and summers warm.



1. Weather-independent work in northern conditions.

2. One hundred percent sure quality. Each batch is examined in the laboratory.

3. Effectively protects the system against wear and corrosion.

4. Available from several retailers.

5. Made and designed in Finland.


Teboil Hydraulic Oil S Product Line


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